Songs For, Bae

by Rachael Ward

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In the dark vibrations of your mind
In the places you can't hide
here's my heart to yours
It's for you, bae....

- R


released April 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Rachael Ward Atlanta, Georgia

"Ward is a singer-songwriter from Monroe, Georgia. She has hair like Lissie and a wardrobe rivaling Idgie Threadgoode's. Most importantly, she has more husk in her voice than a stalk of corn." -

Currently working on a release of demos and soon to hit the studio for her first EP, Ward has been creatively writing music for the past 6 years.

"I want your heart to feel," she said.
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Track Name: Bye, Bae (Prod. R)
I don't need it anymore baby
you don't got to say a word

You tell me how it is
you tell me how it goes
I feel it in my heart, down deep in my soul
I wanna make it work
I wanna make this goes
ain't nothing do anything for me no more

I'm feelin like, I'm feelin like
you're doing something on the low
baby don't you know
I don't need it

I don't need it anymore baby

So go and tell your friends
tell'em how I'm crazy, lost my fuckin' mind
threw some shit and did some time
go ahead and tell'em what you want
so you seem so fuckin' sane

you're out your brain
baby doll if you think
love is worth all the sacrificing that you want for me
might as well go find somebody that will go be a slave to your mind
cuz I ain't doin that no time

oh and take these chains off
I take these chains off
we don't need it
I know exactly where we're gonna go

I don't need it no more baby

so tell me how you want it now?
everybody says you're fuckin fabulous
you're doin the town
now baby ain't that how we go?
put up everything we can just for the show

I'm gonna let you know a little secret on it
ain't never gonna find nobody good like this
I'm a let you in another secret
you're the biggest fuckin bitch I've ever met in my life

I don't need it anymore, no baby

So what you wanna tell me to do?
So what you want me to be?

I will do everything I like
I will do everything I want
Track Name: (Lately) For, Bae (Prod. R)
I been doin' everything I can, lately
Just to get you off my mind, lately
people tellin me you movin on, lately
I don't really know what you want

this for you bae
this a song you can ride out to, know I'm doin' good
this for you bae
this a song you can ride out to, lately


I been hearing all this shit talkin', lately
all these people tellin' me that you hate me, lately
I don't got time for that
you don't got time for that
I be doin everything I want now
baby don't you know I'm lying
I miss you so bad, lately


all these girls tellin girls what they want lately
be lying about the way they want love lately
sayin that they cant compromise for things lately
come back around and say they just playin, lately

I don't got time for this shit no more
lately I've been feelin like you want to settle the score
everybody says exactly what they want
and then they never fuckin' front, right?

(you know I still, you know I still love you lately)