by Rachael Ward

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You are a beautiful human being. The world will tell you a million times around that you have scars and breakable features. It will defeat you, but only momentarily. Love has no fear (1 John 4:18), thus perfect love is in the universe awaiting you.

If you've stumbled onto this album, thank you a million times for the listen, maybe the shares and if you are so awesome - the purchase. But if you gain anything from listening, let it be release, let it be therapy, let it be the shedding of old skin into new.

We are all worthy and sometimes a chapter of our life is just a few subtitles with the sound off waiting for the next scene.

- R


released June 11, 2015

I credit this to the ones who bleed, the ones who are healing, the ones who loved, lost and will love again & the ones who get what 'honest, real' music is...

Here's to the beginning - not the end.

- R



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Rachael Ward Atlanta, Georgia

"Ward is a singer-songwriter from Monroe, Georgia. She has hair like Lissie and a wardrobe rivaling Idgie Threadgoode's. Most importantly, she has more husk in her voice than a stalk of corn." -

Currently working on a release of demos and soon to hit the studio for her first EP, Ward has been creatively writing music for the past 6 years.

"I want your heart to feel," she said.
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Track Name: Sheep (Wolves)
Like a sheep in wolves clothing
you want to come back into me
I can't let anything in anymore
If it makes me better or weak
oh darlin' can't you see everything you do to me?
I feel it all inside
We can't make it right tonight
So, take your time with the call
don't make it anything it's not anymore
Cuz I don't have a single thing to give anymore
Track Name: Enemies (How We Feel)
Do we feel anything inside our minds anymore?
I'm so afraid of everything that isn't me
But then again who am I that we know anything?

I feel like everything inside of me gets to be put back together inside reality
What is reality?
I've been feeling like everything isn't real lately
I don't know if I have blood pumping through my veins or is it just your enemies?

Cuz they got my name and my number
you gave'em to them girl
told them to take charge and hate me
But God knows I pray for you and all your enemies

So whoever gets it next better hold it right
cuz I'm holdin' on tight for dear life
Ain't nobody gonna do this right
but I'm a try to do this right
I'm a love me, do me and do everything in between
cuz I don't have time for this right now

I just wanna feel something real
I just wanna feel real
Is anybody out there that wants to feel real?

Does anyone use their minds anymore?
Does anyone use their hearts anymore
Does anyone breathe anymore?
Does anyone love anymore?
Track Name: Rain (After Thoughts)
My heart's been playing the saddest songs
Tired of writing everything about you
Sometimes love doesn't last through the rain
sometimes the lighting strikes and kills all the tulips down the drain

I've been searchin' in the woods
I've been searchin' in some hearts
I've been searchin' at the bottom of the bottles
but I can't find you

So this is the last time, this is the last song I'm gonna sing about you
Why don't you pack up get out of all this membrane
I don't need nothing left in my brain
Sing it with me now
you know it's fine to let it drown
Sing it with me now, Sing it with me now
You know it's fine to let it drown

I've been reading old entries in a journal I wrote in two years ago
when i was young with love and life and I know
something about the words I wrote
something about the things I said I wanted
still gonna want it

oh and you're out there floating around in this world
you're drowning with me, we're drowning somewhere different
I'm gonna find you and when I do
we're gonna love each other, we're gonna make two into one
and all this will be some fun

This will be a fun time
we can laugh about it
we can tell our kids remember when we thought life was over
Track Name: Don't (I Know Everything)
Keep on marchin' to the sea
Don't even look back
Keep on walkin' without me
Don't even look back

Betrayal is a sting that doesn't last a long time
I know you'll write a few songs and you'll do a few rhymes
We might meet somewhere in between the middle of hate and love
But, I don't really give a damn about anymore of that

So let it be known
I know everything

Keep on marching down to the river
get yourself free from that sin you been livin'
(I know everything)

Don't (I know everything)
Don't look back

Betrayal is a sting that only lasts for a little while
(I know everything)
I'm busy building an empire
and when I get back no one will know your name
Track Name: Dancing Tongues (Delete)
You know you still think about it

Go ahead and tell’m what you feel….

Feel it in my bones, in my face, in my veins, in my pulse

I don’t even know who you are anymore

who are we standing for?

I feel it in my heart, in my lungs, feel it in the way that we dance our tongues

Feel it in the love and lack of love given and makin’

Are we just takin?

Are we just makin’ it and breakin’ it until there’s nothing left?

I feel like you came into my life just to wreck me

and hell I might have done the same thing

but I’m lovin’ a livin’ ghost

and it don’t make no sense to love you no more

but I feel it in my heart, in my head, in my veins

I won’t let you go instead

I can’t, I can’t, I can’t let you go instead…

I watch you in every picture

from every angle that I can get onto

I don’t care what nobody says

I’m just stuck on you

Damn it hurts to be the only one in love with you

So hit me where it hurts

tell me all the things that I did wrong in my dreams

I’m dreamin’ of you for a straight week now

Can’t seem to get you out my fuckin’ head

We can run around

we can tell everybody we did right but we know we did it wrong

what these bitches say I don’t fuckin know a thing

we should do bettter than this

we should know our own names

Don’t even know what we gonna do when we don’t know our names

but we live in a zoo

tell everybody that we didn’t cuz we not

but we runnin’ around this world with somebody’s who’s taken

I got somebody new on my arm for a second, for a minute

then I realize it was lies, it was lies

I should take the time to never feel your name again

So what are you doing tonight

you thinkin’ bout me

So what are you doing tonight

you ain’t thinkin’ bout me right?